In each of us, two natures are at war

But in our own hands lies the power to choose – what we want most to be we are.

13 December
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Recently I've taken to making gifs devoted to Charles&Erik...

Also, I go by Nephilim-Phoenix over on Deviantart. ^_~


Originally? Wincest art those pesky mods on spn.tv wouldn't let me post [well, it was more the pesky homophobes]. Occasionally I post the odd graphic, but more recently it's been the site of random fanfic rabbiting.

Present: X Men First Class (Charles x Erik). Past/lesser: BBC Merlin / Sherlock / Being Human, Buffy / Firefly, Misfits, Supernatural. Bookwise: Pratchett, Gaiman, JKR, HDM - and if it comes down to it, werewolves over vamps [but NOT Twilight! *gag*]

If I spot the message I'll friend you back. If I don't, it's cuz I'm disorganised and forgetful, not that I don't like you. *_~ Or gremlins might have eaten my computer. It happens. I myself am a friending!slut all over the place so if I pop up inUrflist, don't be alarmed; it probably just means I'm hiding in Ur wardrobez. o_O
My real name's Catrin, or Cat. I'm a Brit - 1/2 English 1/2 Welsh, so if you spot me speaking a bizarre strain of jibberish, that'll be why. *_~

Oh yeah - the art! I'm pretty laid back about snagging. I only ask you don't nick other peoples' requests [I usually mention if they are]. I've yet to come across anyone mad enough to take credit for anything I've made, but if I did, well- there'd be a pretty pointed pm written, I can tell you!! ^_^

Also, for any Gaiman fans: I have THE COMPLETE SANDMAN + a load of other Gaiman comics / graphic novels / related stuff up for download. Drop me a line if you appreciate the effort, eh?*_~

Toodlepip, CC.

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