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Which I am posting up to make sure that I don't wimp out on doing it all.
  1. Make an animated XM1C mood-theme for sasha_b
  2. Make a fanmix *already chosen the songs, just got to do the art*
  3. Write & post some fic that doesn't actually make me want to gouge my own eyes out at the awful. (one outta two ain't bad)

A-nd now I have to go to work, so I'm gunna make like an infinitive, and split. ^_~
*englishnerd joke is nerdy...and english*

01 July 2011 @ 11:06 am
*is dancing around, squeeing & flailing*
So, the lovely BB's been up to her ol' manipping tricks [LOOK AT THE RESULT! OGLE THEM!]
and very graciously allowed me to have-at one of them before she posted it.

So, here are the results! ^_^

Hope my interference ain't too offensive to the eye. Isn't that manip just gorgeous tho?? ^_^

29 June 2011 @ 10:15 pm
I'm sorry - I know it looks like I'm doing fuck all, but really I'm tearing chunks out of my brain trying to get fic written down. >_<.
And can I just say: OMGTHANKYOU to everyone who's commented on that fanmix I posted, waay back on the 12th. Seriously, people, be nicer.
Also, guess what I did today?? *shrieks* Went to see X Men First Class!!
This brings my total of viewings up to a terrifying SEVEN. Read it, SEVEN TIMES.
I'm starting to worry myself...
BUT, on the upside I found this gif somewhere which must have been made by my braintwin:
28 June 2011 @ 10:09 pm
*warning, I'm about to do something only boring old farts do - dream!diary! run awaaay!*

Okay, so, it's official:

X Men First Class has passed over from 'fandom' to 'obsession' because last night, I had *fanfare* my first X Men Dream! It was very short, and sadly there was no sex in it, but better luck next time. Okay, so, in it I was sitting with Charles in one of the bedrooms at Chez X [no, not in the 'about to do it like bunnies' sitting-in-a-bedroom way, in the 'migod, this house is so massive that even the bedrooms have seating areas in them!' way.] SO. We're sitting in opposite chairs, playing Chess, and I'm smoking, for some reason, in a very Minelli-in-Caberet way. And in walks Erik, roll-neck and all, stops dead when he sees me and gives me this 'wtf are you doing in here?' look. I then cry: 'Ah, Erik! I was just about to finish him off for you, darling!' [Referring to the Chess Game, you-] I produce a check-mate on Charles, spring out of my chair (so Erik can sit in it) and as he comes over, I say: 'And how are you? How's Mr 'I'm So Angsty I've Got To Share It', mmm?' And then I did this sort of manic-pixie-dream-girl thing where I rugby-tackled/hugged him, gave him a big tickle-dick in the ribs, and he jumped out of his skin and almost laughed. And that was it. That was the dream. Neither man said a thing. WTF?!? YOU FAILED ME, BRAIN!!

In other news, I'm currently agonising over the fact that I want to do another fanmix but am suddenly shite at picking songs / finding any decent lyrics. Meanwhile, I'm trying to write more fic, and Erik's being a bitch. Also, I'm sad because the 1stclasskinkmeme is currently closed for prompts and I've got more bunnies bopping round my head than Wallace & Grommit's The Curse of the Were Rabbit. Might post them up here anyway, just to be perverse. ;P
Anyone up for it?
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28 June 2011 @ 03:39 am
I'm doing walls now? I don't do walls! Wtf, fandom? I don't even know who I am any more! ^_^'

Anyway, thought I'd share this: it's what's gracing my laptop at the mo. Not only is it a wall, but it's a wall with woobieness and a W.H. Auden quote,
just because of that whole Isherwood connection, y'know, like Erik = German = Berlin = Christopher. >_<.

You Shall Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked HeartCollapse )

*feels like there's another fanmix waiting to happen*

Poor unrequited Charles *wipes tear* Evidently, I'm feeling a bit maudlin tonight.
♥ Cheer me up, flist - gimme feedback? ^_^'  ♥

LISTENING TO: Blue Eyes, by Elton John
26 June 2011 @ 02:13 am
The new look I'm rocking here. As much of a wrench as it was, I figured it was time to get rid of ol' Cas. So I altered the colours of that Charles/Erik manip to fit me background, and here's what it looked like:

*version minus my lj name*Collapse )

*eta* also, just made a gif for my own amusement...

^ something 'pon which I think we can all agree. ^_^

~*post & gifs dedicated to [info]bbmonkey & [info]starrose17 *~

Now, you didn't think I'd let you go a whole day without posting up more nonsense in the form of gifs, now did you?? Tsch.

[I'm recycling the same scenes but from different sources, so hopefully some of these shots will be new to y'all.]

It's so nice to have a bit better quality footage to work from [compared to the cam-vids]. I hope you like 'em, too! ^_~

15 Gifs - from Trailer #2 and a TV.Spot - after the cut.Collapse )

also: things that I found on tumblr today which made me happyCollapse )

C'mon people, gimme some love - do it for the ridiculousness that is James McAvoy kissing a pig and Michael Fassbender kissing a bear. XD Comments are ♥ ! ^_^
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25 June 2011 @ 09:31 pm
Omigod, how long has it been since I tried one of these?

So long the results are rubbish, that's how long! >_<.

Alas, I will never be as good as bbmonkey !

Still, it's Charles & Erik, and I wouldn't feel right not posting anything over a whole weekend, so here goes. *lesigh*

1 GREAT manip *not by me* and 1 rubbishy manip *by me* after the cutCollapse )

I should really stick to what I know - giffing.

*slouches off/head hanging*
24 June 2011 @ 03:01 am
*should be sleeping now*

Fandom - did I ever put up these couple from the trailer?
*mind like a sieve* >_<.

Someone, tell me, have I put these up yet?Collapse )

♥ Comments are ♥ especially if I haven't u/led these before. ^_^'

24 June 2011 @ 01:56 am
Part III of mini-requests for griphonic [sorry it took so long m'dear - RL sucks.]

This was only supposed to be one gif, but I ran away with meself.

5 'Tranetto' Gifs, Under the CutCollapse )

I think Fassavoy are each others' crack. ^_^
♥ Mine is comments! ^_~ ♥
21 June 2011 @ 02:04 am
Part II of the requests for griphonic , and I'm afraid I'm taking liberties with their subtext again. ^_~

20 Gifs : Fassavoy : 'Ginger Pride & Heartthrob Troubles' : after the cutCollapse )

Teehee! ^_^
! ♥ Comments are ♥ !

ps. brb. loling forever at James' MTV interview. 'True interviewing technique lies somewhere between stupidity and imbecility.' XDD *changes underwear*
20 June 2011 @ 12:10 am
Doing Part I of a quick request for griphonic ^_~

10 Fassavoy Gifs : Teen.Com Interview : after the cutCollapse )

Feedback's still my crack/comments are still ♥ ! ^_^

19 June 2011 @ 04:10 am
I have a favour to ask any X Men: First Class fans out there.

Well, it's more an opinion than a favour.

If I have a mutant power, it's the uncanny ability to read a fic and then be able to put a real-life 'face' to the character, just as the author imagined. So yesterday I was contemplating a gender-bending fic with a female version of Charles in (a 'Charlotte' if you will) and reckoned I'd found the most perfect candidate for him/her.

I'd love any opinions from other members of the the fandom though, so here's a pic...

Watcha reckon, folks? Thoughts?

I already asked one person who's yet to see the film, and she reckoned I wasn't crazy. But the jury's still out. ^_^'

I'd really appreciate feedback on this one!
19 June 2011 @ 01:24 am
Perhaps understandably, I've been in a bad funk all day, and really needed to unwind a bit.
So, I started giffing, and I must have been in a worse mood than I realised, because this lot were the result. >_<.

40+ Jumbo Gifs: Fassavoy Face to Face + HD clips from X1CCollapse )

*Ha. Look at James, totally pretending he doesn't want to play footsie*
What a day. It took this lot just to make me crack a smile. Cheer me up, someone!
Comments are ♥
Okay, are you ready for it? Because this is the MOTHERLOAD.
*physically restrains self from subtitling them all*

*such a dweeb I even enjoy naming them* but Jesus crikey the amount of trouble this took - if someone hotlinks and I have to make another new photobucket album to upload them in, I may cry >_<. So acknowledge my agony, eh? ^_~ Hope y'all enjoy 'em, cuz I busted my hump! ^_^

♥ Credit is lovely, comments even more so! ♥


ps. heyhey, so, the worst happened and the bandwidth's exceeded *swears loudly and profusely* I'm re-loading them all on tinypic - which is agonisingly slow as I can only do one at a time. >_< In the meantime, have a zip.
I'm pathetic. I was feeling so shaky after actually posting some fic that I had to go and calm meself with some giffing. ^_^

Anywho, I've just finished another batch - bit different this time, went for a more monchromatic look, since it's night-time. Here they are, and they're quite big. o_O

*dirty sniggering* I know it's lame of me but that one of Charles trying to drag Erik up just pressed all my perve-buttons. XD

Comments are !
LISTENING TO: All Time Love, Will Young.
[retitled from 'Leave Unsaid Unspoken']
Title: Nevermore.
Author: cakehole-cat
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Characters: Erik/Charles
Rating: PG 13, because I am a wuss.
Word-count: 2633.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, they own me. *whimper*
Summary: Sort of dialogue/script for a missing scene; I wanted to write something that could have fitted in with the movie-canon without going AU. So, this is what could have/should have happened after Raven and Charles' contretemps in the kitchen.
Notes: This was inspired by a couple of things (including this drawing) but primarily Sir Ian McKellan saying “It would be wonderful if the camera hovered over Magneto’s bed, to discover him making love to Professor X.

               ‘Other friends have flown before –
On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before.'
               Then the bird said, `Nevermore.'
                                                – The Raven.


Her fingers were already on the handle of her bedroom door when she changed her mind.

She stopped, glaring at the wooden panels as if they were responsible for the heat of shame in her cheeks. Didn’t know if it was the anger or the cold night air making her bare skin tingle. The way he’d cried out! When all she’d wanted to do was share her newfound pride with him, a new breed of happiness – maybe rub his nose in it a little. And he’d been repulsed. ‘For God’s sake Raven… put some clothes on. ’ How long, she wondered, how long had it been since he’d looked at her with anything but that vague, pitying disappointment in his eyes? She tried to remember, and couldn’t. Couldn’t recall a time. Back when they were kids, maybe. Well, Charles had it coming. He deserved to be shocked. If Erik could give her a wake-up call, why couldn’t she pass on the favour?


Raven wheeled around and retracted her steps, feet padding soundlessly in the dark.
I’ll go back to him. To that long-faced hawk-eyed man. Go to him like this. As herself.

As she walked, a pale light flared up ahead, around the corner from Erik’s room. She heard his door opening, realised the light was his, and her heart lifted a beat. Then his low voice came rumbling out, speaking to someone else, and it was only then that she realised what she had been hearing– a third set of footsteps, an unmistakeable, shuffling gait.

For a second she just stood there, rooted to the spot as efficiently as if someone had slapped her across the face. But then reflexes kicked in; she ducked into a shadow and almost screamed when she saw someone appear in the doorway opposite – which wasn’t a doorway, but a long mirror. It reflected one half of the corridor beyond the corner, and Raven shrank back against the wall to see into it.

Erik was hidden from view, but she could see Charles, who must have been returning from the kitchens. He was walking down the narrow hallway, bathed in the soft yellow light of Erik’s open door. Head bowed in thought, his hands thrust deep into the pockets of his half-buttoned sweater, and not paying attention. He started from his reverie when the other man spoke:
‘Is something wrong?’
‘Hmm?’ He looked distracted. ’What? Oh, no. Nothing.’ Charles grimaced, shook his head, not wanting the fuss. ‘I was just thinking about Raven.’

‘She was here.’ Erik said, late night accent curling around his r’s. Raven caught a fleeting look of brotherly disapproval on Charles’ face, and apparently so did Erik, because he added: ‘I sent her packing, Charles.’

‘I’m sorry, Erik.’ Charles sounded genuinely apologetic. ‘I don’t know what’s gotten into her lately – I just caught her wandering around the house in the altogether. We had a bit of an argument about it.’
‘Not on my account, I hope?’ Erik drawled.
‘Oh no.’

Their voices were low; hushed out of respect for listening sleepers, and it gave the scene an odd feeling of intimacy, a sort of stifling hyper-awareness. Somewhere in the dark a grandfather clock struck midnight, and the strange feeling stole over Raven that this was the witching hour, the time for impulses.

‘She’s a good girl, Erik.’ Charles was saying. ‘She’s just a little-’ he chewed his lip, weighed his words, ‘-confused.’
‘Aren’t we all?’ said Erik. Though she couldn’t see, she could picture exactly the look on his face.

Charles smiled; more a bunching up of the lips than a smile, carving a crease across his chin.
‘Hmm. Yes, well. I suppose I’d better be off to bed. Unless there was something-?’
‘No. I just wanted to say good night.’
‘Oh right. Well, good night Erik.’
‘Night Charles.’
‘Good night.’

Any second now, thought Raven. Any second now he’ll turn the corner and see me. I’ve got to move!

But Charles had doubled back abruptly, addressed his friend before he could shut the door. The way he was shifting about on the spot, it seemed like he wanted to get something off his chest, put right some wrong.

‘Actually Erik, there was something. About our discussion earlier. I know we’ve had our differences, but I don’t want you to feel I’m not on your side about this.’

Deadly in earnest; he could have left it at that, but was obviously seized with the impulse to dig himself a deeper hole.

It’s just this matter of killing Shaw,’ Charles burst, then adopted that maddening ‘be reasonable’ tone. ‘I can’t condone murder, Erik. Not for the best of reasons, least of all revenge. And anyway,’ he raised a hand to point at Erik's chest, ‘you said it yourself, you’re the better man. And not because you’re stronger, but because you have a good heart. I can see it, even if others can’t. And whatever happens tomorrow, I want you to know that you’re welcome to stay here. With me – with all of us. You can build a better life for yourself. And I want that for you, my friend. Truly, I do.’
There was enough faith in Charles’ eyes to inspire armies.
‘God, when I think what you could be capable of in future, Erik, if you just put your mind to it. I wish… I want so much for you-’

‘Do you want me?’

The words stung. They hovered in the air, clanged through the silence.

Charles blinked. His lips formed words and failed to say them. Raven held her breath. She could almost see the gears grinding together in his head as his brain caught up with his ears. His reply came like a sputtering engine, an immoveable object hammered by torque.
‘Well I- what?’

‘It’s a simple enough question, Charles.’ Said Erik, cutting straight to it, mind like an arrow. There was a sing-song in his voice, in his melodic accent.
He was playing; a cat batting at a bell with its paw, just to hear it chime. ‘Do you want me?’ He repeated.

And the silence before was nothing compared to the thundering quiet now. Behind his blue eyes, Raven could imagine Charles’ thoughts speeding ahead, a mile a minute.

‘Well, of course.’ He said, chiding gently as if he didn’t know better. ‘Of course I want you, Erik. You’re a valuable member of our team.’

The creak of a floorboard. Raven tensed as Erik’s reflection finally stepped into view. No longer wearing that black roll-neck she had seen him in minutes before. Now he wore a long dark bath-robe, knotted softly at the waist, a shard of bare chest visible above. And something else had changed about him, a shifting, a tipping, like a floodgate opening somewhere.

His step brought Erik closer to the dapper little man standing at his door, and he looked down at him.
There was no trace of the humour that been in his voice in his doleful eyes, hollow in their sockets.
‘That’s not what I meant, Charles.’ He murmured, and his voice seemed to come from deep within his chest, to reverberate in the air.
Charles cleared his throat, trying to keep things light.
‘Wasn’t it?’ But he sounded faint. Hypnotised.

Erik was surveying him closely, now, decoding his features with a predatory expression, tongue ticking thoughtfully over his teeth.
Not a cat; a snake. When he spoke his voice seemed to come from far away. ‘Tell me Charles…’ He said. ‘Did Raven know why I kicked her out?’

Raven thought she might collapse, wondered if Charles’ heart was pounding as hard as this, so hard it hurt.
She kept forgetting to breathe.

‘No.’ Charles admitted.
‘I didn’t think so.’ Erik said. There was a kind of danger in his eyes, a coiled menace.
Some ancient instinct urged Raven to run. He’s going to kill him. He’s going to kill him or…
Or something else…

‘What was the reason, do you think?’ Erik was asking. ‘Why do you think I kicked her out?’
‘Erik...’ His name escaped Charles in a hiss, irritated. He had closed his eyes. Why did he shut his eyes?
Erik had taken another step into the hallway, pushing into Charles’ space as if he wanted to start a fight. He had gone very still.
Tell me, Charles.’
‘Well…’ Charles seemed to be having difficulty speaking. ‘You wouldn’t take advantage of a young girl like that-’
‘I’m touched that you think so well of me, Charles, but no.’
Another step.
Charles’ breathing faltered. ‘You’re not the sort of man who goes to pieces, just because some nubile young thing throws herself at you.’ He managed.
‘True.’ Erik nodded, voice still distant. ‘But perhaps… perhaps it was because, while I was kissing her-‘
‘-Erik please.’
‘-I found myself… wishing she looked like someone else.’

Raven heard the air escape Charles’ lips, something like a sigh, while his mouth approximated appalment. He looked winded; could have been about to cry or about to shout, but Raven believed she could see him shiver, even in the dark. He was shuffling on the spot, uncomfortable, eyes on his feet, hands still in his pockets.
Why does he have his eyes down?

‘Charles?’ Erik’s deep, dry rasp, burrowing through his composure. ‘Charles…? Look at me, Charles.

Charles raised his eyes – those sad blue eyes that had all the humanity of the world in them – looked warily up at Erik, and said nothing. And Raven could see a look on Erik’s face she’d never seen before, such a terrible look. She didn’t know what it meant, but it hurt. He looked desperate, vulnerable. There were worry lines etched into his forehead, usually so smooth and unruffled. His eyes had darkened to bruises, eyelashes quivering as if in a high wind, and his lower lip had fallen to reveal that bar of teeth, like the tines of a gate. He looked like a man teetering over the abyss; like the wrong words now would destroy him.

It did something to Charles. A hand extricated itself from his pocket on instinct, and reached out.
Erik,’ he murmured thickly, distressed. He looked down and grasped at the front of Erik’s bath-robe as if to anchor himself there. His lips twitched, bitten back words of comfort. ‘Erik, why are you shaking?’
Erik’s voice fractured, came out as a growl. He put his big hands on Charles’ neck, cupping his face.
Don’t you know, Charles?
Yes I know.’ Charles whispered, urged. There was a sheen across his eyes, his voice sodden, their foreheads were pressed together, breath mingling. ‘I know exactly.’

And Raven knew it, too. They adored each other.

But she had had no idea, no conception of the pain she could see in them, these two men pulled apart by the equal and opposite forces of love and idealism. It was a pure, desperate agony that took the breath away, as offensive to the heart as the image of an abandoned child. So tragic it was beautiful. And she knew her friend. She knew his empathy, and that Erik’s pain was Charles’, knew how he’d do anything to relieve suffering whenever he saw it. She knew it before they did, and barely needed to hear Erik’s last question, which was almost incomprehensible in any case, a guttural vibration of feeling between their lips. ‘And am I alone? ’ She thought he said. ‘Am I alone in that?

‘No, Erik.’ Charles’ voice was heavy with grief as he shook his magnificent head. She could see Erik react to hearing his own name, and knew the feeling– the thought on his face that went something like It didn’t feel like I had a name until he said it.
Charles looked up, as twin teardrops fell from his eyes.
Erik.’ He said, and he was smiling. ‘You’re not alone.

And that was it. A choked-off sob and in a split second they were together, mouths opening on each other as if to quench a bottomless thirst. Charles moaned on Erik’s tongue and Erik lifted him, bodily, and pressed him into the opposite wall, one hand nestled in the small of his back, the other sheltering the crown of his head. Charles’ fingers were running down the grooves of dark material, taut across Erik’s biceps, holding on tight as they hit the wall, rebounded, teeth grating, mouths reconnecting desperately. They made such a striking image, an odd combination of hard male bodies and soft pliant mouths… soft wet sounds.

But there was still something – she could see it on Charles’ flushed face that something was wrong. His eyebrows arched upwards, aggrieved. He placed the flat of a hand to Erik’s chest and, amazingly, pushed him back; the shorter man wrenching away from their kiss with an audible smacking sound, licking his tingling lip.

Mmf- Erik, stop.
She could understand Erik’s thwarted animal arousal; his face seemed almost magnetised to Charles’s mouth as he looked down on him. Still had him in his arms up against the wall. Not about to take no for answer.
‘What?’ He panted, voice rough, radiating disappointment. ‘I thought you wanted this, Charles?’
I do,’ Charles’ lips on those words were red and swollen and yearning. ‘But not if it’s out of some-‘ he waved a hand, ‘-some misplaced sense of obligation!’ Charles clicked his tongue, shook his head as if to throw off an unwanted thought. Raven thought she recognised that look. It was his principles, his stupid British Manners. They’d left him distraught, guilt-ridden. Sure enough, he explained – was almost pleading to be understood:
‘You don’t owe me anything, Erik.’

Erik froze, stunned.

Charles thought… thought this was some sort of quid pro quo, on his part? A thank you for services rendered?

A change began on Erik’s face, a complex shivering expression like warm summer rain. A great, blazing, scornful fondness shone from his eyes, amusement flickering at the corners of his mouth; a cat once again, the cat that got the cream. He huffed out a laugh that drew his mouth back at the corner, eye-teeth flashing.
‘That’s not what this is, Charles.’ He purred. ‘But I do owe you something. Everything that I am now is because of you.’
Erik-‘ Gratified but embarrassed.
‘No. No more talking.’ Yes, Raven thought. She definitely recognised that voice. That was Magneto. ‘Just tell me what you want, Charles.’ No longer talking of emotional wants. He had buried his face in Charles neck, was squeezing up against him. ‘Tell me what you want.’ Quiet, probing, insistent; planting kisses down the column of Charles throat, exposed above his unbuttoned shirt-collar, as he eased his head back to the ceiling.

‘I want…’ Charles started. Stopped. Gulped. Adam’s apple bobbing. Unable to voice these truths, for all that he could flirt at the drop of a hat. He snarled, banged his head against the wall in frustration, forced the words out. No time for half measures now, none for embarrassment. This was the witching hour.
Erik got his reply, and it was so like Charles to be genteel, even while oaths were forcing their way through his well-mannered lips. It came in a fervent whisper, as he clapped a shaking hand to the back of Erik’s head:

UghGod- make love to me Erik.

And that was that. Erik was dropping his athletic shoulders, reaching down and under, plucking Charles into the air with disarming ease. He was carrying him through the open door, where Charles reached a steadying hand to the lintel. And then they were through. And the door was closing. And Raven couldn’t breathe. . .


This soppy thing came out of nowhere last night, over about the course of an hour or so.
I'm really hoping for feedback since it's the first thing I've written in years, (and my first time in this fandom).
Please be gentle with me. >_<

postscript noteCollapse )

That being said, comments are still ♥ Lol! ^_^
*goes to calm mind with gifs*

13 June 2011 @ 01:31 pm
 Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

The BAD NEWS is, I've run out of media to express my love for Charles/Erik with, so I've been- gulpgasp-  writing fanfiction... *DUNdundun*

The GOOD news is, I think this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse, and seeing as apocalypses seem to bring the supernatural out in mankind, we can probably expect mutants along any moment now... ^_^
Just finished giffing THE scene, so there are some new additions - thought I'd put them all together in one big post.

plus a cheeky x-rated gif, courtesy of PrettyMoonPuppet over on YT.

erik fucks charles - who seems to enjoy itCollapse )

! ♥ comments are ♥ !

Hey, chaps and chapettes! 
You know that boring fucker who dumps massive lists on you whenever you ask for a simple song-recc? That's me, that is! ^_^ So, it's gone 4.am, and I've literally just thrown this together - more fuel to toss on the fire-that-is my new obsession with Charles & Erik, of X-Men: First Class fame. It's not your typical fanmix - no Mumford & Sons here! As usual with me, it's a bizarre mix. Johnny Cash, Motorhead and Joni Mitchell, in the same sentence, I hear you cry? Yeah, well, go with it. Hopefully you'll find something you like. ^_~
[ saints who kill people : a charles + erik fanmix ]
16 January 2011 @ 08:19 pm

*quick picspam feature my beloved TF*

travis picspam, after the cutCollapse )


A Monochrome Picspam! Yet Another One! ^_^

*places buckets/drool-receptacles around the place*

Travis Fimmel Mini Monochrome Pixpasm, after the cut . . .Collapse )
LISTENING TO: Breaking Benjamin.

Just got back from the cinema - The King's Speech. Marvellous. Absolutely bloody marvellous. Jeff Rush hilarious, scenery-chewing, scene-stealing fun. Guy Pearce did his love-to-hate-him character to perfection. Best of all, Colin Firth was utterly heart-breaking. You REALLY felt for his character. Cried my eyes out. It somehow managed to be endearing, moving and funny in equal parts. And to make things even better, it was a total bromance, lol ^_^ - H.B.C. barely got a word in.

Spoilers - my favourite moments - after the cutCollapse )

If Colin doesn't get the Oscar this time round it's a bloody travesty!

Toodlepip, CC.
10 January 2011 @ 08:40 pm

Just tweaked one of those Josh-as-shapeshifter manips into a wall, to fit my own desktop. *_~

I'm partial to the greyscale one meself - using it right now in fact. ^_^

Toodlepip, CC.
So apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, since I've just made an even bigger picspam than the Josh one. >_<. This time, introducing another love of mine, who you may not know! He's Spanish, his name's Jon K, he's a supermodel, he's Tom Ford's muse, and had a brief but memorable cameo in A Single Man, when he tried to pick up Colin Firth! ^_^ [Last pic, fyo *_~] Physically, I'd describe him as a cross between- Johnny Depp and an emaciated Robert Pattinson, lol. If only he'd bulk out a bit! ^_^

. . . The Many Faces of Jon K : : Pixpam : : after the cut . . . Collapse )
What do you think ladies?? ^_^'

Toodlepip, CC.

100 pictures of Josh, here, after the cut . . . Collapse )
*collapses* Gurh! That was fun. ^_^ My favourite thing about JH: the way he can look sad, playful, vulnerable, cocky, soulful, tough or just plain mean, in absolutely equal measure, depending on the photograph. [But, his sad/puppy-eyes/vulnerable look has got to be my fave. ^_^' Even when I photoshopped his eyes he still looks so guarded, so hurt! *sadist's happy sigh*] Well! I hope you saw something you liked, or something you hadn't seen before *_~ and really hoping someone comes in for a look, since it took so long to do - and there IS such prettiness to swoon at, lol ^_^ comments = ♥ !

Toodlepip, CC.
LISTENING TO: boy for sale, oliver.
05 January 2011 @ 06:05 pm
Remembering a convo I had w/ itzcoatl a while ago, I just tweaked this cap of psycho!Tom as Lestat, from Interview. >:-[

now THIS is what a vampire should look like! absolutely terrifying! Collapse )

Absolutely ZERO twinkling involved. ^_^

Yeah! Almost forgot - I saw Jumper for the first time the other day [well, bits. Can't pay attention whenever Hayden Christensensen comes on-screen, he's so dead-eyed. Like a cow. A beautiful cow.] Anywho, I loved Jamie Bell's character. So, I made 2 banners/headers to celebrate, since nuslash-pairing = yay, after all. ^_~ The first has two of my favourite shots [one of Jamie w/ a flame-thrower >:D one of him jumping back from underwater].

welcome to the war - get ready to JUMP - after the cut . . .Collapse )

04 January 2011 @ 06:25 pm
*calls meeting of the Handsome Mens' Club to order*
Okay! Hands up, fangirls - who else here finds Josh Hartnett really, really, really ridiculously good-looking? ^_^

Well, today, the random and bewildering trend of me making walls continued with- yes, you guessed it, Josh Hartnett. This one's a bit more like those tweaked Sherlock caps, though. I was just mucking it around and thought 'I say! this lad's pretty enough to put on a wall.' So. I did. ^_^'

Just before I saved it, I accidentally hit the wrong key and flipped the whole thing upside down [yes. I'm that graceful, even in cyberspace.] and I thought, 'hey, that doesn't look too bad,' so I kept it in another version. *_~ [Fyi - it's a bit tricky to tell, but it is a pic of Josh. ♥ Just such a gorgeous man! >_<.]

*happy fangirly sigh* OoOoo, the shoulder muscles, oyvey...Collapse )

Deep Philosophical Inquiry - if a pretty man gets sweaty and falls asleep alone, without showering, can I still watch him sleep creepily is he still pretty??
Silly question. ^_^


postscript - an ancient bromancey manip . . .Collapse )
I was googling, and I found two great images of London [one of a sort of dystopian version!] so I just knocked this together, since I wanted something a bit-Brity. ^_^ *will find out whose is what when I have more energy*

: : : 2150 x 1350 : : : 1400 x 880 : : : 1200 x 754 : : : 1024 x 640 : : :

Hmm. Ended up looking a little From Hell-ish, didn't it? ^_^ Feedback'd be especially ♥ scrumptious ♥ on this one. [Despite appearances, I don't make walls v. often! ^_^'] Btw, don't think I'm hating on Old London Town! The words are from Glamorous Glue. [Always thought of that as a 'Sherlock' song; it's the sort of studiedly disdainful thing he'd say. ^_^ Plus, he's such an obvious candidate for a Morrissey fan. . .]

Nos da,
01 January 2011 @ 05:47 pm
*waves like maniac* Lookit! I have sort-of internet again! ^_^ [about funking time]

And lookit twice! To celebrate I said to myself, I said, Cat - what'd be a good way to kick off the nuyear? Why a wall of course!!
So I nabbed a couple of those caps I was mucking about, and threw something together. Couldn't decide which version of the type I liked better, so I've just thrown 'em all up there. [Surprisesurprise, the type was the longest bit to do *rolleyes*]

There's no need to be scared, right, it just LOOKS like death to dial-up o_O Collapse )

Whew! Just a bit of an example of what can be done with 'um, there. ^_^'
 I am SO glad to be [sort-of] back! ^_^

. *off, with a slight feeling of hysteria, to see if I can catch up everything I missed this week* >_<. Cripes!
25 December 2010 @ 12:51 am
Just a headsup to say that DARLING karma has decided to give me the Christmas gift of NO COMPUTER. :( I'm writing this with the last three percent of my comp's battery power, which I cannot recharge because the charger suddenly stopped working. That means I'll be forced to spend Christmas ACTUALLY TALKING TO my batty deaf non-sequitur-spouting parents, and ACTUALLY WATCHING awful Christmas telly. 

*bursts into tears*

[I kid, I kid. Luckily I bought a lovely bound copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes the other day, so I imagine I'll be reading that cover-to-cover as consolation.]

So, basically, in the unlikely event that someone decides to spend a minute of Christmas Day sending me a message or a comment - this is why I won't be replying. >_<.

Well! I think that just about covers everything, doesn't it?
OH, wait, hang on:



{a-sadly-internet-robbed} -CC.

 Remember that tumbr-style Sherlock picspam I did before? [Course you do, it's right there >_<.] Well I've just done another one! Covering the scene after the next - the one Warlock didn't giggle at ^_^. [REALLY difficult to not just do every single screencap, lol.] 

Nuffin' further to declare, except: 

1 - not even a Sherlock/Lestrade shipper, but migod, some of the caps! the eye-fucking! [also, there's one cap that's actually a manip of two; I preferred the Sherlock of one with the Lestrade of the other. Came together pretty seamlessly, I think! ^_^']

2 - HOW did I fail to notice that there was a small childrens' rocking horse in that room?? o_O

So without further ado... 

2nd Tumblr-Style picspam of (BBC) Sherlock, from 'A Study In Pink,' after the cut . . . Collapse )

♥ Credit [if you did use anything] would be lovely, but comments are even more lovely ^_~ ♥

*currenly cracked out on ginger biscuits. I BLAME YOU, MINCHIN!*
OKAY everybadee! Let's kick off Monday with some pretties, yes? Yess! Picspam! Yeeey! Picspam!
So I keep seeing people doing picspams and mentioning the way they swing on tumblr, so I thought I'd give it a go meself.

I have NO idea what tumblr IS or how it WORKS or WHY there are pictures of Benedict CUMBERBATCH inna DRESS on it, but I like what I've seen so far, so here's my little homage.


Tumblr-Style picspam of (BBC) Sherlock & a smidgen of John, from 'A Study In Pink'. . . Collapse )
[Also: what's the drill with picspams? Do people comment, a'what?? I guess you could treat this as a 'resources' type post- so, if you did find any of the above handy, I guess you could drop a line for that reason. If this just ends up being a 'BBC Sherlock Is Awesome: Discuss' post well then so be it. ^_^] Otherwise, it's business as usual:
♥ Credit [if you did use anything] would be lovely, but comments are even more lovely ^_~ ♥


ps. it is snowing again.*makes jingle bells noise* 
20 December 2010 @ 01:23 am
Still on that Disney kick o' mine, so I've been mucking about that same set of caps I made animated gifs from *points down* 


Whenever I look at that first cap I'm soooo tempted to throw away my 'sensible' fandom based header and put the fairy-tale castle.

In other news:
after catching myself walking round the house singing songs from The Little Mermaid,
have deduced that Disney films are so gag-inducingly sacharine I now have diabetes.
Nevertheless, have decided to soldier on with them. 
Blood-sugar levels fucked.