Cat (cakehole_cat) wrote,

(bbc) sherlock gif : John Watson Will Fuck You Up .

*and apparently this brings out the motormouth in me*

Just thought I’d gif the Scary!motherfucker Smile of John’s from this scene 
o_O *gulp*
because in that one moment he scared me more than Moriarty and Voldemort combined,
and I liked it!! >:-D

Seriously though, how in the blue fuck did Martin manage this? Look at his eye! It’s black as a shark’s! How does a person with the friendliest face on earth manage to smile like someone who’d cut off a man’s legs just so he could use them to kick him in the head?? Amazing…


x-posted to tumblr under the tags: #the smile says 'isn't life funny?' #the eye says 'give me one good reason why I shouldn't fuck you up?'
Tags: bbc, john watson, martin freeman, sherlock, the reichenbach fall
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