Cat (cakehole_cat) wrote,

(bbc) sherlock : picspam / gifspam

I loved this little exchange from the Commentary, so yesterday I giff'd & spammed it on tumblr. ^_^

John's Sex-Appeal Makes Sherlock Stumble


From the ASIB Commentary:

Benedict: I do love the moment, the only moment he verbally stumbles (and I sort of did it deliberately, was) was because I sensed a bit of competition, in- in Watson starting to turn on the charm. 

Lara: With him sitting next to me?

Benedict: And in trying to desperately get in there to impress you I went “thblmlblargh?!

Godtiss: Mmhmm.

Benedict: It’s very funny. 

Something about the idea of Sherlock perceiving John as a sexual threat - and being thrown off by the thought - just made me go all wobbly in the downstairs >_< (because apparently John can hit on a woman simply by sitting very quietly in the vicinity o_O').

Tags: a scandal in belgravia, bbc, benedict cumberbatch, gifs, martin freeman, picspam, resources, sherlock
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