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X-Men: First Class - All My Fanfic Prompts.

*Sorry for my absence - LJ keeps crapping out on me >:-O*
Anyway! This post is a rarity for me -- all talk and no graphics. ^_^'
This is just me, collecting together all the prompts I've just posted up on X1FKinkMeme, in case anyone's interested/something happens to them and they get lost/deleted there.


  • Erik is 'Lucky' Captain Lehnsherr, scourge of the ladies, hammer of the French, Captain of the HMS Somethingmeta.

  • Charles is the brilliant (pacifist) physician, the captain's particular friend/companion, ship's doctor, hobbying botanist and former spy.
    OR, Charles it the Capn' Jack character and Erik is the aloof physician [bit more true-to-character, actually.]

  • They come together each evening to debate the issues of the day, or just the day-to-day, to break bread and play their musical instruments (not a euphemism... but we all know what the navy's like.)

  • Cue scenes of buckling swashes, derring do, splicing mainbraces, sharing hammocks, etc! ^_^

  • All the crew are still mutants and the 1st Class Kids are among them! [Sean as a mad Irishman in the crow's nest, Alex as Lord Blakeney, Darwin as a slave he liberated, Angel as a crossdresser/sweet polly oliver who everyone thinks is a sissy, Hank as Charles' bungling apprentice, etc.]

  • Shaw is the captain of a rival vessel and an old enemy of Captain Lehnsherr's!

  • As in the film [highlight for film-spoilers] Charles & Erik argue. Later, Charles gets shot and Erik calls off an important naval plan just to get his beloved friend to land/safety, where he is forced to help Charles operate on himself to remove the bullet! Ridiculously bromantic!

  • They come across a phasmid/shape-shifting-mutant called Raven who gives them some ideas!

  • BAMF!Erik hurling the enemy's cannonballs back in their faces!

  • They come across a mad luck-manipulating mutant called Jack Sparrow!

  • If there's some mention of a promising young officer by the name of Horatio Hornblower!

Yes, yes, I know - been there / done that / bought the robes - but this one's got a twist.
*just in case: apologies if this has been prompted/thought of before - I haven't seen it*

SET UP. . .
  • Charles is Charles Francis Brian Wulfric Dumbledore, 7th year, head boy, gifted student, genius occlumens, etc.

  • Erik is Erik Magnus Lehnsherr von Grindelwald, gifted Durmstrang student, able to perform certain spells without the aid of a wand.

  • Both have experienced anti-wizarding prejudice from muggles (maybe Erik still lost his mother - his interest in the Deathly Hallows could arise from a desire to see her again?? *wibble*)

So far, so clichéd.

BUT. . .
  • One year, the Triwizard Tournament comes to Hogwarts! ^_^

  • Charles is selected as Hogwarts Champion (naturally)

  • Erik is selected as Durmstrang Champion (naturally).

  • Fraternization ensues, much international co-operation, a smitten Charles happily shows Erik around the Hogwarts castle and grounds, takes him into the Gryffindor Common Room, plays games of Wizard Chess or Quidditch with him, visits Hogsmeade, etc.

Either Erik falls off the Durmstrang Galleon and Charles is the only one who can hear his distress (being an occlumens and all) and jumps in to save him, or, the Second Task involves saving someone from the Lake. Charles is supposed to be rescuing his little sister Raven, but he spots Erik in distress (maybe Erik's 'someone he would miss' is actually his unvanquished enemy, Shaw). He saves Erik too - nearly drowning himself in the process.

  • Erik identifies with the Slytherins/wears bottle-green robes.

  • Raven is a metamorphmagus and a bit mad/River Tam-ish.

  • All the other mutants – Alex, Sean, etc. – are younger students and members of a duelling club Charles supervises.

  • Hank's surname is Potter. ♥

  • Alex's surname is Malfoy. ♥

  • Sean's surname is Weasley. ♥

  • Charles has his pet phoenix Fawkes already. ^_^

  • Erik has a pet griffin that he rides, because GUH! >_< the image of Fassbender on a gigantic eagle/lion hybrid, the amount of scary eyes!awesome would punch a hole in spacetime.

  • There are Yule Ball Shenanigans / joint visits to the Prefects Bathroom. >:-D

  • It's Erik who breaks Dumbledore's nose. >_<.

NB: I can see Emma as Fleur, but you could always replace Beauxbatons with Salem Academy and keep all the American characters' nationalities! ^_^
*my personal fave*

Again, I know: been done, but I had a specific idea for this, too.

Once mutants are out in the open, enough genius!mutants come out of the woodwork that they accelerate the rate of technological advances. Upshot; instead of just putting a man on the moon, Kennedy’s administration is able to extend their reaches far out into the galaxy. (Maybe there’s also some political contentious thing about them anting to find a barren planet to dump all mutant-kind on / a paradise planet to evacuate humankind to, should they become overrun.) Anyway, Star Fleet is created, and all that jazz, and it turns out that one of the young mutants has a connection to one of the cadets.

SO. . .
Hank ends up introducing the rest of the gang to his bitter divorcee uncle, Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy.

MAYBE. . .
Bones comes to stay at the mansion, and when his friend Jim hears that there’s a Blue Woman there for him to seduce, he tags along. Ditto Spock when he hears there’s a non-Vulcan telepath to be met. I suppose it could be like The Hobbit: Charles et al have a bunch of strangers show up on his doorstep, stay for a bit, and then whisk him (and Erik and all the others) away for a space!adventure. Maybe they visit Vulcan before it’s destroyed! Maybe Shaw and his gang are aboard the Enterprise too and Azazel’s all disdainful of the beam-me-up technology!

(Also, Kirk needs to meet/attempt to hit on Emma.)

"What?? Round # and we haven't had any prompts with *insert fandom staple here*???"
Yeah! Terminator!

In a distant dystopian future, mankind reacts to the threat of mutant kind by creating cyborgs to fight on their behalf. Unfortunately, these cyborgs become sentient and their war against both man- and mutant-kind leads to a nuclear holocaust. The Resistance fighters (so called ‘X Men’) are lead by one extraordinary mutant, who has both telepathic and telekinetic powers. His name? John Xavier.

SET UP. . .
[Charles is the first and only mutant on Earth?]
A Terminator is sent back in time to kill him, because he’s thought to be John’s father.
The Resistance send their own man back in time to stop it – they chose a metal bender by the name of Erik Lehnsherr.
[And the twist is, Charles (unbeknownst even to himself) is capable of becoming pregnant – and guess who turns out to be John’s father?]

It’s a race against time as Charles teaches Erik how best to use his metal-bending powers before the Terminator gets to them!

For the mental image of a bollock-naked Fassbender appearing in a flash of light down some alleyway.
For including the line: ‘John Xavier gave me a picture of you once. I didn't know why at the time. It was very old - torn, faded. You were young, like you are now. You seemed just a little sad. I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment. I memorised every line, every curve. I came across time for you Charles. I love you; I always have.

[Also - imagine the sequel potential! If Charles=Sarah then he’d be institutionalised and become a total Bamf! >:-D Could be that the ‘protector’ Terminator they send back is a facsimile of Erik which has had his personality programmed into it a la Marcus Wright??]


Don’t know if anyone else in the fandom has read the book Carrion Comfort (if not, do it – Dan Simmons is crazy erudite) but there is one plotline of this book which is so freakishly perfect for this fandom in a really dark, twisted way.

The premise is this: in the book, there are ‘vampires’ of a sort (let’s call them mutants) who can control peoples’ minds. (This is not treated as a good thing – it’s compared to mind-rape, and the victims are invariably made to commit terrible acts of violence, etc.) The vampires/mutants absorb energy from their victims whenever they control them, thus extending their lifespan.

Anyway, in the book there is a Jewish Holocaust survivor (let’s call him Erik) who experiences this:
  • while he is in one of the camps, he attracts the attention of a psychopathic Nazi mind-controller (let’s call him Shaw) who takes him under his wing. (Sounding familiar yet?)

  • ‘Shaw’ takes ‘Erik’ to a big manor house full of other Nazis.

  • In the manor there is a great hall whose floor is chequered with black and white squares;

  • Nazis are ranged around the edges of the floor, and watching from a gallery above.

  • In the middle of the floor a group of other camp-inmates are huddled.

  • Basically, they are all treated like human chessmen– ‘Shaw’ and his opponent (another mind-controller) sit in throne-like chairs, and use their powers to force each prisoner to move around the floor as if it’s a big chess board.

  • Every time a chessman is ‘taken,’ a Nazi sniper shoots them dead and the body is dragged from the board.

  • Erik is made to play as a pawn, and luckily for him he wins the game for his puppet master.

So, what if this is actually how Erik learnt to play Chess? Only ‘Shaw’ erased/blocked the memory, which explains why, when Erik eventually tracked him down he: a) didn’t know Shaw was a mutant; and b ) thought he was alone/didn’t know that there were any other mutants in the world.
  • Possible set-up -- Charles inadvertently uncovers this memory when he asks Erik where he learnt to play?

  • Questions -- does Erik remember? Does Charles reveal the memory to him? How would Erik react to this news? How would he feel about his telepath friend, if he realised he’d been abused by a telepath in the past?

  • [and what about that ‘other’ mind-controlling mutant who played opposite Shaw? Who is he, where is he, is he still alive?]

Could be Charles/Erik or just Gen. The issues are really what's interesting about this one! >_<.

*been filled!* >_<.
*inspired by previous comment*

Okay, so, I've seen CHARLES pregnant...
and I've seen ERIK pregnant...
but what about BOTH OF THEM being preggers at the same time?

What if this mpreg-mutation is infectious/can be transmitted through sex, like an STD? Only, whichever of them has it has never noticed before, because they've only had sex with women before.

*omg I can so see this turning to crack quicker than Whitney Houston* >_<.

  • If one of them has a fantastic pregnancy and the other one has an awful pregnancy.

  • If they give birth to 'twins' - i.e., 1 baby per pregnant-man, but they're both identical. *and we already know what to call them*

  • Both men take an extreme/irrational dislike to Raven during their pregnancy (not because I don't like her, but because I've been reading too many gingerhaze!comics and it's making me silly. ^_^')

  • Hank is made to put his mad sewing skillz into making manly maternity!wear for both of them [Erik REFUSES to give up his rollneck].

  • Sean trying to help by coming up with unisex babynames for both of them (since they didn't have ultrasound back then) and being NO HELP AT ALL, REALLY.

  • Charles & Erik making the kids watch harrowing/emotionally-scarring videos of women giving birth so that they're all prepared in the event of a home delivery.

Okay, okay, I'll stop now...

[I should say: SPOILERS for the film, if you haven't seen it]
[Okay, so, there are a lot of 'amnesia' prompts I've seen around, but I haven't seen this idea - correct me if I'm wrong, but this bunny has been hopping around my head right from Day 1 in the fandom...]

Say Charles didn't erase Moira's memories of everything - just of what happened on the beach [so she knows where he/the mutants are.] But this still sets the G-men thinking, and they form something called 'Lacuna.'
It's a government-sponsored program utilizing psionic technology inspired by telepathic mutants - originally designed to erase potentially dangerous knowledge from the memories of mutant/human subjects.

SET-UP. . .
One day, after the divorce, Charles is going through the mail and finds that all the other mutants have received a card which reads:
ERIK LEHNSHERR has had CHARLES XAVIER erased from his memory.
Please never mention their relationship to him again. Thank you.
Devastated and embittered, Charles willingly undertakes to have the same treatment himself - to erase all memory of Erik from his mind.

Erik HASN'T actually had Charles erased. This is an eville!plot by the government to deliberately make Charles forget any lingering affection he feels for his friend-- so that he's mentally capable of capturing/killing Erik the next time they meet.

BUT. . .
The government underestimates the strength of the bond between Professor X and Magneto, as well as the loyalty of the other mutants! >:-D They tell Moira about the procedure, she's horrified, and helps them seek out the only person who can help: Erik himself. By the time Erik gets there, the procedure is already under way, and he only has one option - to use the technology to get inside Charles' head and try to stop the erasure form there.

It's essentially: Charles is trapped in a disintegrating dreamworld where he relives every memory he shared with Erik [basically every scene they have together in the film + any plausible/fictional smut anon may want to embroider with.] By the time Charles reaches the Beach/Divorce, Erik himself has joined the illusion, and they get to relive that day the way they wished it could have happened. >_<.

Up to anon whether Charles wakes up and remembers Erik, or whether the procedure is a success/they still chose to reconcile.

[You could always go for a combo: Charles and Erik both forget, because they've both been under Lacuna's technology, but then they find out they've been mind-screwed, still choose to be together, and then Emma or someone is able to restore their memories anyway. ^_^] Or not. I like the original film's ending because it's so bittersweet. ♥ *now excuse me while I sob brokenly*

[I should say: SPOILERS for the film, if you haven't seen it]
Was doing a bit of reading up, and it seems there are quite a few canon mutants who display psychometric abilities, so this could fit! Plus, y'know, there's this line in the film:
'Now that we know who you are... I know who I am. I'm not a mistake! It all makes sense. In a comic, you know how you can tell who the arch-villain's going to be? He's the exact opposite of the hero, and most time's they're friends, like you and me.'
So, possible scenarioes...
After he becomes disabled, Charles meets another mutant by the name of Elijah Price?
Whilst using Cerebro, Charles identifies a mutant named David Dunn, currently living in Philadelphia?
David thinks Erik is evil because he's able to see into Erik's past/see all the people he's killed?

I don't know, it's just my [2nd] favourite comic-book-hero film, and I thought it would be great for a serious fic. . .

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