Cat (cakehole_cat) wrote,

Random Question for FList - Gender!bending...

>_<. Just indulge me guys, sorry to bother/etc., but I've been exercising my Mutant!Power again.

Out of boredom, I was wondering what Erik would look like as a woman
[since I've already discovered the perfect 'Charlotte', lol ^_^]

I've always had this one person in mind, but what do you guys think??

Eva Green.

^ these are my 'evidence' comparison pictures, lol.

Thoughts?? Has my mutation failed me?

Oh gawd, I can just see this is going to be one of those lonely 'no comments' entries, lol, but I thought I'd post anyway-- what if someone's writing this and they need help finding an 'Erika' for fic-banners or something? ^_^' 

Tags: question, ramble, random
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