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*wafts through on way to bed*

*humming* dumdedum The Crayo!urge seized me again. I do so love colouring in. *is rapidly regressing*

Coupla walls from {these two} frankly orgasmic manips *NOTMINE* which were made by kissmeimsh-tfaced on tumblr. It's Shakespeare/116 again, I'm afraid. ^_~ Someone posted a prompt for a Rochester/Lefroy fic on 1stclass_kink and I've already seen some fantastic vids/drawings/paintings to this but omg this thing needs to be written like NOW, I would read the shit outta this! 

{I'm almost tempted to have a bash meself >_< last time I really got into Jane Eyre was when I was studying it back at uni}

I keep obsessing about it. Like- at first-glance, you'd assume Charles would be the 'Jane' character -but, in film-canon, Erik is the one who's had the harrowing childhood and is brought to nu!bff's mansion, so it sort of makes more sense for him to be the 'Jane' character. And yet, I can't see Erik as being the 'governess/tutor' type, lol - which a Lefroy!Charles would be perfect for. Ach! These are the issues my friends.

[And also if it was strictly a 'film' crossover (i.e., more film-Jane Eyre than book) can you imagine Charles & Erik transplanted into that scene where Jane hallucinates Fassy on her doorstep coming in from the snow?! >_<. Gargh!!] 

But, anyway, that's enough bollocks from me. 

Sloppy & quick, but *as you may have guessed* I love the idea so much. >_<

{and the ocean colour scene}


{with text}


Bit of a mixed-post - it's too late in the night for me to be html-coding! >_<.
Nos da/toodlepip,
Tags: animations, charles, crossover, erik, fassavoy, first class, gifs, manip, resources, walls, x-men
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