Cat (cakehole_cat) wrote,

Gifs: X Men First Class - Satellite of Love [Again]

Either there's been a glitch in the matrix or I've been here before... o_O

Oh well!

Nugifs/Oldscene/my silly scribbles over much of it - enjoy! ^_^'

BUT FIRST, I have been pondering deeply 'pon the Satellite of Love, so please allow me to share my findings...

Gather round girls, and let me take you through the subtext of this scene.
[SCENE: EXT. Charles & Erik are alone. 'Training.']

Erik: Hey Charles! Just to be badass, why don't you blow a load in my face? It'd be perfection!!
Charles: You're sure?
Erik: *nods* I'm sure. *shit-eating grin*
Charles: Not really comfortable with this...
Erik: *wants to get nasty* Oh come onnn! You know I love it!
*grabs thing and sticks it back in his face*
Charles: No! I'm a GENTLEman!
*pulls out at the last second to avoid Erik getting one in the eye*

So, yeah. It's deep, man. Deep. I think we've all learned something today.
[Oh, and don't get me STARTED on the whole 'would you mind awfully if I skull-fuck/skull-makelufftoyou instead?' >_<. *facepalm*]

And now, with your minds suitably poisoned prepared!

[click thumbnails to see bigger versions]

even Rocky had a montage!

♥ Feedmeback if you like 'em! ^_~


[ps. feel free to use the thumbnails for a mood-theme or whatever; most of these are tinypic-hosted, so they should be alright. ^_~]

[Download all az zip : Part I : Part II]
[Download all as rar : Part I : Part II]
Tags: animations, charles, erik, first class, gifs, resources, satellite of love, x-men
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