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Neil Gaiman Downloads: Masterlist - Comics, Graphic Novels, &Etc.

As promised, I'm adding to the collection of Gaiman's Sandman comics by putting up most of the other stuff I have! ^_^ 

There's a real mix here - graphical versions of short stories & novels, children's books, one-off comics and Sandman-related comics.

All yours for the snagging! 

{hope this helps somebody out.}



Harlequin Valentine

Murder Mysteries

Only The End of the World Again

Signal To Noise.

The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish

Elric - One Life, Furnished In Early Moorcock

Troll Bridge



Neverwhere - 1.
Neverwhere - 2.
Neverwhere - 3.
Neverwhere - 4.
Neverwhere - 5.
Neverwhere - 6.
Neverwhere - 7.
Neverwhere - 8.
Neverwhere - 9.


The Books of Magic.

Violent Cases.

Merv Pumpkinhead.

Marvel: 1602.

Green Lantern & Superman - Legend of the Green Flame.

Mister X..


The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch.

The Black Orchid


Swamp Thing - Jack In The Green.

Swamp Thing - Annual - #5.


Sandman - Midnight Theatre.

Death Talks About Life.

Being An Account of the Life and Death of the Emperor Heliogabolus.

Sandman - The Dream Hunters.

Deadboy Detectives #1.
Deadboy Detectives #2.
Deadboy Detectives #3.
Deadboy Detectives #4.

Eternals - 1.
Eternals - 2.
Eternals - 3.
Eternals - 4.
Eternals - 5.
Eternals - 6.
Eternals - 7.


Lucifer - The Morningstar - Part 1.
Lucifer - The Morningstar - Part 2.
Lucifer - The Morningstar - Part 3.


There! Phew! ^_^' *wipes brow* That's your lot!

Same drill as before: comment if you take, so I know how much demand there is, and lemme know if any of the links go down. *_~

Enjoy! ^_^

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