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(bbc) sherlock cap-tweaks + walls + icons

I'm afraid I've up to my old tricks again, tweakin' away, and just sort of ended up with a wallpaper or two. ^_^'

Feel free to snag &/or !yoink! any/all/as if you would. 

I've nothing particularly coherent or profound to say, except: Benny's eyes came out sooo pretty! >_<

the tweaks + the walls:

the icons:
1.  2.  3.  4. 
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Trying to think up a better shipname for Sherlock…

  • Sherlock/Watson = Shwatsonlock = frankly hideous. 
  • John/Sherlock = Johnlock = odd.
  • Holmes/Watson = Hotson = getting there. 


  • Watson/Sherlock = Watsock. [too much like ‘wazzock’?]
  • Sherlock/Jawn = Shawn.
  • Sherlock/Watson = Warlock!!! >:-D
Also, retooled the 'My Fandom...' icon I made from series 1. 

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(bbc) sherlock gif : John Watson Will Fuck You Up .

*and apparently this brings out the motormouth in me*

Just thought I’d gif the Scary!motherfucker Smile of John’s from this scene 
o_O *gulp*
because in that one moment he scared me more than Moriarty and Voldemort combined,
and I liked it!! >:-D

Seriously though, how in the blue fuck did Martin manage this? Look at his eye! It’s black as a shark’s! How does a person with the friendliest face on earth manage to smile like someone who’d cut off a man’s legs just so he could use them to kick him in the head?? Amazing…


x-posted to tumblr under the tags: #the smile says 'isn't life funny?' #the eye says 'give me one good reason why I shouldn't fuck you up?'
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(bbc) sherlock : picspam / gifspam

I loved this little exchange from the Commentary, so yesterday I giff'd & spammed it on tumblr. ^_^

John's Sex-Appeal Makes Sherlock Stumble


From the ASIB Commentary:

Benedict: I do love the moment, the only moment he verbally stumbles (and I sort of did it deliberately, was) was because I sensed a bit of competition, in- in Watson starting to turn on the charm. 

Lara: With him sitting next to me?

Benedict: And in trying to desperately get in there to impress you I went “thblmlblargh?!

Godtiss: Mmhmm.

Benedict: It’s very funny. 

Something about the idea of Sherlock perceiving John as a sexual threat - and being thrown off by the thought - just made me go all wobbly in the downstairs >_< (because apparently John can hit on a woman simply by sitting very quietly in the vicinity o_O').

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'before & after' (bbc) sherlock wall: a scandal in belgravia.

Hey guys, remember when I used to muck about a bit w/ Sherlock caps, back in the day?
Well I mucked a new one about last night and ended up with a wall. I couldn’t resist this one though - that snarl was so spine-chillingly menacing it’s sexual. ^_^

before ------------------------------------------------------------------> after  
[ #1=the original cap I started with / #2-3=walls / #4=gif. ]

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Sherlock Fanmix: The Fall - Gifs & Walls.

Here are the other things I made alongside the fanmix -
I was originally thinking of doing a gif as a cover, but then when I started mucking about the still caps I came up with the idea of having Sherlock on the front and John on the back and thought it'd be nicer to have it that way.
Hopefully you'll agree - in any case, have some graphicstuff. ^_~

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[and the cover of my fanmix done as a desktop wallpaper, which I am currently using ^_^]

Hope someone/anyone likes, comments are ♥ ! 
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Sherlock Fanmix: The Fall.

Title: Laughter Was Caught In His Throat [As He Died]
Subject: 2x03 The Reichenbach Fall [Sherlock/John]
Warnings: Spoilers for 2x03, The Reichenbach Fall.
Compiler's Note: Almost immediately after watching I was putting songs together, so I thought I'd throw some down. 


.a reichenbach fanmix.

zip / zip

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